Innovative Leadership is needed now more than ever

Join us for a unique series exploring how to thrive in this time of remote work and opening our economy.
We are in this together and we are here to help!

Welcome to 5G Academy where you can register for our online leadership courses. We are currently offering our 5G Leadership Skills program in a virtual classroom format. Come join us in a great conversation!

CEO Survival Skills (Short Course)

  • Resilience: Thinking Outside the Box– How resilient and adaptable are you? Let’s work on how you can improve your resilience and better cope with change in an online leadership environment.
  • Using Growth Mindset in the Face of Adversity – A growth mindset requires practice. Can you change your thinking patterns? Let’s improve our ability to innovate and engage, and just make life better.
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Finding Your Power (Short Course)

  • Working with Others: What is your Generational Intelligence quotient? We will explore generational and dimensional diversity and how these factors effect worldviews. This will allow us to harness more innovative ideas and skills to create greater success for ourselves and our employer particularly in this online leadership environment.
  • Finding Your Unique Value: What is your Personal Brand? Explore your talents, tendencies, and tolerances, to better build relationships, find the best skills to fit ourselves, our employer, or our team, and learn better how to articulate our value.
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How to Adapt in Difficult Times (Workshop)

  • Outcomes from this workshop include:
    • Determining your personal level of resilience.
    • Understanding the principals of resilience, grit, learned helplessness and prosilience.
    • Learning the characteristics which enable individuals and organizations to flourish.
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Leading Your Remote Team (Short Course)

  • Leader in Remote Communication: Explore discuss optimal communication tools for remote work and practice use of those tools. Discuss tricks to improve communication in a remote environments so that we can create trust, motivation, and engagement from our team.
  • Effective Email and More: Are you being heard? Improve effectiveness of our communications with our remote teams.
  • Reclaiming Productivity: How do you measure productivity with remote teams? Explore tools and methods for improving productivity so that we can better lead our teams to improve efficiency and effectiveness, and work satisfaction.
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