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5G Leadership Skills


  • Focuses on communication, collaboration/teamwork, time management, ethics, customer relationship building, and problem-solving skills as skills critical to work environments.
  • Live online interactive and fun
  • Digital badge issued upon completion
  • Sessions enrolling NOW! – beginning March 23rd see the scheduled dates below


Next Scheduled Dates:
  • March 30th 1-4:30PM EDT
  • April 1st 1-4:30PM EDT
  • April 6th 1-4:30PM EDT
  • April 8th 1-4:30PM EDT
  • April 13th 1-4:30PM EDT
The 5G Leadership Skills LIVE! Virtual Classroom curriculum consists of 19 workshops that address the top soft and interpersonal skills needed in industry today. It follows our facilitated 5G Leadership Skills in-person workshop curriculum. This researched-based or empirically derived program focuses on three leadership skills sectors. We start with Collaborative Environment, whose 6 workshops explore generational differences in the workshop, inclusiveness, mentoring, personal brand and organizational culture, and emotional intelligence. This is followed with Building Connections, whose 7 workshops emphasize the important of strong communication skills, professionalism, work-life balance and mind set. We wrap with the six workshops of Purposeful Leadership, which looks at leadership styles, ethics, motivation, productivity, conflict resolution, and stakeholder engagement. These workshops guide personal development through a very introspective experience. Group discussion is encouraged using voice and chat features of online classroom software. In addition, we engage with the participants using polling software that has multiple ways of showing data including bar charts, word clouds and allowing thoughts entered to be shared anonymously.  

Critical Thinking Skills


Critical Thinking Skills is a rich-media engaging program of five fully on-demand self-paced workshops. Each workshop develops user competency in one of the areas identified as a top demand of employers today.  The topics are:

  • Deductive Reasoning
  • Problem Identification
  • Data Gathering and Evaluation
  • Overcoming Biases
  • Implementing Solutions

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  • Deductive and Inductive Reasoning – We introduce Critical Thinking in this introduction section and then explore the differences of Deductive and Inductive Reasoning and why it is important in the Critical Thinking process.
  • Problem Identification – People often solve the wrong problem, which underscores the importance of identifying the problem correctly and why this is an important step in Critical Thinking.
  • Data Gathering and Evaluation – In our modern world of real news and fake news, gathering and evaluating data are skills that are extremely valuable.  You will see that these skills are also important in all aspects of critical thinking.
  • Overcoming Bias – The bias we will address  in this competency is cognitive bias. Cognitive biases are mistakes in reasoning, evaluating or remembering.  They are errors in our thinking. To be a critical thinker, you need to recognize cognitive bias and remove it from your thinking process.
  • Solutions – In this last competency, we will review the important elements and steps in critical thinking.  Then we will talk about solutions.  Finally, we will conclude, by discussion assessment and reflection, with the final steps in successful critical thinking.