industry partners

Our industry partners contract directly to us, or through our partners. Our clients are a loyal group. They see the positive changes in their corporate environments due to this training.

Return on Investment is occurring through better customer experience, improved retention, and improved employee performance.

Use of 5G Power Skills and 5G Leadership Skills by these organizations has solved conflict issues, burnout issues, and has made more effective teams by building better relationships.

academic clients

Our academic clients use our products in a myriad of ways.

5G Coaching Skills is to help academic advisors address challenges in student success and engagement for low income and first generation students.

5G Leadership Skills and 5G Leadership Skills ONLINE! is used by workforce institutes and corporate development and continuing education departments for local community business out reach--and for revenue generation!

5G  Leadership Skills is used for staff training.

5G Leadership Skills ONLINE! and 5G Power Skills is used in student course curricula.


 trade associations

Our commitment to our trade association partners is to enable them to give world class training experiences to their membership through conference program and special training programs.

With the launch of 5G Leadership ONLINE! we are now offering our trade associations the opportunity to offer their members access to our online training programs at member value pricing, while receiving funding back for providing this service to support the organization and fund other initiatives.