Frequently asked questions:

What is the cost of the program

We offer different pricing structures depending on your implementation and usage.

What if I'm an individual who wants to Earn the Certification?

Please contact us so we might arrange for you to join a class that meets your time and geographic needs.

Is any part of this customizable?

Yes, we will develop a program to fit your needs. This may include developing custom workshops. Custom programs may be at additional cost.

Should i take 5G power skills or 5g leadership skills?

Our 5G Power Skills programs are used by our academic partners and industry. Our 5G Leadership Skills are employed by industry.

How Do I become a 5G Certified Facilitator?

Becoming a 5GCF is a multi-step process. First, you earn your 5G Power Skills Certification. Then you attend our 5G train-the-trainer program and demonstrate your skills through teach-backs. But also required is an active license agreement. Facilitators always must be working with an active license agreement, and must be recertified annually.