Where may I take the workshop program?

We are happy to introduce you to one of our provider partners if you have one in your area. If not, we periodically offer seats in cohorts we run in the Tampa Bay area for our workshop-based programs. If it's online training you are seeking, contact us for a provider to meet your needs.

What is the cost of the program

Our facilitated workshop program is being offered to individuals for $1499 for the three-day training program. The online program is priced similarly.

We do offer discounts for groups. Please contact us for pricing.

Is any part of this customizable?

5G Leadership Skills, 5G Power Skills, and 5G Coaching Skills were designed to be highly versatile and can be easily tailored into a custom course just for your organization.

Should i consider 5G power skills or 5g leadership skills?

The primary difference in these two products is the amount of time it takes to complete the course, and the fact that 5G Leadership Skills has an ONLINE! version which provides greater flexibility in scheduling for corporate use.

How Do I become a 5G Certified Facilitator?

Becoming a 5GCF is a multi-step process. First, you earn your 5G Power Skills or 5G Leadership Skills Certification. Then you attend our 5G train-the-trainer program and you may be asked to demonstrate your skills through teach-backs. But also required is an active license agreement. Facilitators always must be working with an organization with an active license agreement to use one of our 5G products and must be recertified annually.