CEO Survival Skills


  • Resilience: Thinking Outside the Box– In this section we will review how resilient and adaptable you are, and how you can improve these characteristics so that you can improve business success and deal better with change.
  • Using Growth Mindset in the Face of Adversity – In this section we will learn about a growth mindset and how we can make changes to our thinking patterns to transition to having one so that we can improve our ability to innovate and engage, and just make life better at this challenging time.
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Starting a new business is difficult enough. Entrepreneurs have a challenging enough time  are having to deal with all of the challenges associated with speed to market, investor money supply, and gathering clients and revenue. But entrepreneurs today are also having to deal with growth of their business in the time of COVID-19 with forced social distancing, remote work teams, clients who aren’t buying and a big question about what will come next.

This creates a very stressful environment, and for the CEO or owner of an emerging business, also a very lonely one where all the burden is on them for the survival of their company and also their family and friends. There is little to no social outlet and this coupled with an unlimited supply of unknowns saps creativity and innovation.

We invite you to two small group workshops we believe will give you the opportunity to meet with a group of your peers who are facing the same issues you are facing, and provide a new way of thinking about the challenges you are facing.

Alpha UMi is the provider of outstanding leadership training experiences. They have adopted their successful facilitated workshop training format to a virtual classroom and are offering you the chance to participate in two workshops.

These are each one-hour sessions via GoToTraining, which will require audio and visual interaction. We will engage you through discussion, chat, and polling. We ask you to give us an hour of your time to improve your outlook and your skills.

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May 14th, 2020 10:30AM-12:30PM EDT