Stress Management


  • How to Adapt in Difficult Times: (Resilience and Adaptability) – In this section we will review how resilient and adaptable you are, and how you can improve these characteristics so that you can improve business success and deal better with change.
  • Using Emotions as a Resource: (Emotional Intelligence) – In this section we will learn about the importance of Emotional Intelligence and how to use it so that we can better manage stress, be happier at work, and improve our how well we do our jobs.
  • Setting Healthy Boundaries (Boundaries and balance) – In this section we will learn how to create and enforce effective boundaries for ourselves and recognize others boundaries so that we can improve our job satisfaction, productivity, and engagement and that of our team.
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For the large majority of Americans COVID-19 has brought stress into our lives.  Regardless if you’re unemployed, have been challenged to develop new products that weren’t even dreamed of months ago, or are just a person trying to stay safe and well, this time is challenging for us all.

Based on the popular 5G Leadership Skills certification program comes a course that centers on addressing our resilience, our emotions, and our boundaries to momentarily re-center themselves.  This session helps workers take care of their own needs, so that they can go back to the work of helping others.

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June 5th, 2020 1:00P-4:30PM EDT