Finding Your Power


  • Working with Others: (Generational Intelligence) In this section we will learn about generational and dimensional diversity and how these factors effect worldviews so that we can harness more innovative ideas and skills to create greater success for ourselves and our employer.
  • Finding Your Unique Value: (Personal Branding) In this section we will explore our talents, tendencies, and tolerances, so that we can better build relationships, find the best skills to fit ourselves, our employer, or our team, and learn better how to articulate our value.
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Faced with unprecedented challenges, today’s times require creativity, endurance, and presenting ourselves in new ways.  In this course we explore the factors that make us and all the members of our team different.  We learn to honor and appreciate the unique value of ourselves and our teammates to get us through hard times and possibly even improve our situation.

Based on the popular 5G Leadership Skills certification program comes a course that centers on group interaction and discussion to help your find your unique vision and improve how well you can collaborate in these uncertain times.  These course components are designed to help employees learn more about working with others and their own personal branding and how these skills can help them improve themselves and their work.  The session topics are: working with others and finding your unique value.