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5G Power Skills

25-competencies, given in a facilitated workshop format, in person or via virtual classroom, using 5G Certified Facilitators (yours or ours!)

We can also develop a custom program to meet your specific organizational needs using the components of this program.  We've used 5G Power Skills in full, or as a foundation of make your own content for corporate training days, association conference content, and even as a 2-credit college course.


These competencies align with NACE .

The National Association of Colleges and Employers has defined a superset of competencies for soft skills. We align with their competencies.


5G Leadership Skills

Our premier product, 5G Leadership Skills has 5 different delivery methodologies:

  • 5G Leadership Skills in its native format features facilitated workshops for 6 to 25 participants
  • 5G Leadership Skills LIVE is a facilitated virtual classroom experience
  • 5G Leadership Skills STAR is an online learning experience featuring foundational skills given through rich media self-paced content followed by live online webinars
  • 5G Leadership Skills ZONE, like STAR, uses the same rich media content for foundational skills, which then transition to moderated discussion questions
  • 5G Leadership Skills KEYS, like STAR and ZONE, uses the rich media content and provides a large group lecture format for examples and emphasis

Call us to learn about how 5G Leadership Skills can be delivered at your company.  We can also accommodate specific topics: from conference content to even a 2-credit college course.

5G Leadership Skills competencies also align with the NACE soft skills competencies.


Coaching Skills Bookbinder

5G Coaching Skills

Coaching for Student Success!

A customizeable 7 to 15 competency program, given in a facilitated workshop format using 5G Certified Facilitators (yours or ours!)

This program has been designed for community colleges to address retention and engagement with low-income, first generation students.


Critical Thinking

5G critical thinking Skills

5 fully self-paced online modules to engage the learner in the concepts that are critical to being a critical thinker with exercises to engage the learner to assess and develop those skills.

5G Mastery Badge

Digital Badging

We partner with Credly to provide a verifiable digitial credential.  Credly provides integrated access to all digital badges that are issued through their service for a seamless stackable credential platform for the user.

This may be used on earners' social media, digital resumes, business cards and websites.

There are no fees to maintain this credential.



5G Certified Facilitator

We will train your facilitators and certify them to provide the program per the terms of our license agreement. Candidates will first complete either the 5G Power Skills, 5G Leadership Skills, or 5G Coaching Skills program and earn their Mastery badge. Then they will be invited to attend a train-the-trainer workshop for the rest of their training. They will need to be affiliated with an organization that has a valid license agreement with Alpha UMi Inc.

Facilitators require annual recertification to stay current with the product and the brand.

Next Steps...

Contact us to find out how your organization can be a 5G empowered organization or to become one of our partners to offer these programs to your stakeholders!