Alpha UMi specializes in developing training programs that effect change. We use common sense in our approach to learning. First, we believe that adults learn best from other adults by sharing. Second, it's hard to remember what is lectured to you. So we don't do that. Third, learning is easier when its fun. So we do a lot of that!

Our Mission: 100% Career Sustainability

We are superheros, here to provide you with the best training experiences possible!

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Super Hero Day at Alpha UMi

Have you heard about burstiness? Alpha UMi is a company with a lot of burstiness!

In 2020, we have proudly pivoted our curriculum and our company. We are staying relevant to these interesting times. We want to provide relevant products to partners because what is good for them is good for us.

In the transition to a remote workplace, we have found that we do remote working really well! So if you need help with managing your transition to a remote work environment, drop us a line. We are happy to share what has worked for us.

At Alpha UMi, we love the concept of 'partnership.' Our products have grown and improved due to feedback from our users. We listen ACTIVELY! For instance, you loved our 25 workshop program, 5G Power Skills, but wanted a shorter version that would be eligible for State of Florida grant funding for Leadership training. So you got it in 5G Leadership Skills. You wanted a coaching skills program for first-generation, low-income students. You wanted it for retention and engagement. We now have 5G Coaching Skills for community college faculty and staff. Active listening is one more characteristic that is keeping us at the forefront as we grow our business.

We are grateful to our supportive partners and clients, our shareholders, our social media followers, our friends, and our fans. We are in business today because of YOU!