How do I become a partner to Alpha UMi? 

Contact us at info@5GPowerSkills.com or set up a conversation with us at Demo Registration – 5G Power Skills 

What does it mean to be a partner with Alpha UMi? 

Alpha UMi’s partners have an active license agreement to use our products. We support them in many ways, from training their facilitators, to guiding them in selecting workshops from our Build Your Own program to meet client needs. Our partners share their requirements, provide feedback, and in return, we give them relevant curriculum. 

How can my organization have access to these great products? 

Alpha UMi licenses our products on an annual basis. If new content is developed, you get it. We train your trainers so you know how to use it. We provide reach-back support so you have access to help for building custom content for your clients. 

How many different products to you offer? 

Alpha UMi has fully self-paced online content that is under the umbrella of Career Builder. We can assist with loading it onto your LMS. It is fully SCORM compliant. 

Alpha UMi has facilitated content that requires a facilitator. We have set programs, like 5G Leadership Skills and 5G Coaching Skills, but we also have our 5G Build Your Own program. 

What is the cost of your programs? 

Alpha UMi will price the program based on your organization’s size, the number of facilitators to be trained, and what content you want. Most of our license agreements for one product are licensed for $10,000 or less. We have some introductory pricing for new programs that are specially priced at $2000 annually. 

What is your train-the-trainer program? 

We will provide an opportunity for your facilitators to experience our content. We have several options of different lengths for this. After they complete the experience, we set up a workshop virtually and walk through all of our content, so they know what is available. They will have the opportunity to use part of one of our workshops in a teach-back. We keep the train-the-trainer workshops small, usually less than 4 people. The workshop portion takes between 3 and 4 hours, depending on the number of participants. This is in addition to the experience time required. 

What if I just want to take one of your programs? 

Alpha UMi will happily direct you to one of our providers in your area. If none are available, you will be invited to attend a program given by Alpha UMi via virtual classroom. 

What if I need a workshop that is not listed in Alpha UMi’s Build Your Own program list? 

Alpha UMi will create custom content for you. You will find our prices for that very favorable (usually $4000 or less for a 1 hour program without video). Please see AlphaUMiInc.com for more information on custom program development. 

What if I need exercises or imagery changed for a specific industry? 

Depending on the extent of the changes, Alpha UMi can customize the workshops for you. Often this can be done for no additional charge if you are not in a rush, but that is at the discretion of Alpha UMi. 

What if I don’t have any facilitators? 

Alpha UMi has a portfolio of certified facilitators who you can hire to facilitate your programs. They can facilitate via virtual classroom or in-person. 

What if my client has specific requirements for training? 

Alpha UMi will work with you to understand those requirements and craft from our set of workshops for a transformative and engaging experience. 

What if I want to give digital credentials out to individuals who complete a program?

Alpha UMi provides digital badging credentialling through Credly. We are happy to work with you on this.

What if I need Alpha UMi to provide a keynote or workshop at a conference?

Alpha UMi regularly provides keynote speakers and workshop facilitators. Just drop us a note and we will reach out to build a program that meets your needs!