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"First and foremost, in a world that is going through rapid change and disruption, this set of courses is foundational and adaptable and is equally impactful to groups and individuals. By that I mean the curriculum includes the core foundational skills and understandings that leaders and individuals need to successfully navigate and thrive in this environment. Secondly, because the curriculum is both inward and outwardly focused and broadly based across pillars of knowledge that everyone needs, it is impactful for anyone that is exposed to it. Some individuals will use all of the skills and techniques taught and some will use only pieces but everyone who goes through any of the courses will find life-altering training that they can apply to their daily lives. We at USF CTPE use the curriculum as part of our HR leadership certificate program and our students love it . We also sell this product to our corporate clients as recommend training as part of their onboarding process for all of their new employees or at the beginning of a rotational leadership program. We explain that these courses give employees foundational training and techniques that they may have never learned in their formal education or through their life experiences. Lastly, because the curriculum handles diversity and inclusion and multi-generational differences in a way that seeks to accent the positives of the things people have in common vs the things that make people different while celebrating those differences is extremely important and timely for both academic institutions and businesses alike. The curriculum, the instructor training, the materials, and support clients receive from Alpha Umi is exceptional and some of the best I have seen in the industry."

"One of our company initiatives is to promote learning and development. A little more than a year ago, I set out to find a training with certification that could be completed by the majority if not all of our employees. My hope was to find something encompassing leadership skills, soft skills and encourage team building for our group of 24 employees with a wide range of education and experience. I came across the 5G Power Skills and thought I had found just what I was looking for our employees. I have a bachelors degree in Management and Organizational Leadership. I also have 10 years of experience working for a Fortune 500 company and attending several training sessions facilitated by internal employees as well as external companies. I believe the course options included with the 5G Power Skills program share lessons I learned from my formal education and past corporate experience. All of our employees who completed the training provided positive feedback and a positive overall impact on their personal and professional development. We believe the training was very valuable to us as a company and plan to offer it to new employees as we grow."

"For the past two years, we partnered with Alpha UMi and have been using this material to train our faculty and staff with the goal that they integrate components of it directly into their classrooms and student advising/mentoring opportunities. The Florida Department of Education has authorized the College to offer a two-credit academic course based exclusively on this curriculum. Additionally, working alongside CareerSource Florida, we use this curriculum to train local businesses and members of our community. The feedback received from all participants has been consistently praiseworthy and we repeatedly hear that it brings great value as it is timely, engaging, and right on target for helping people improve their soft skills. Without a doubt, the 5G Power Skills product suite, in its several variations, is meeting the number one need that our local businesses are desperately seeking – potential employees with demonstrated soft skills abilities. Working with the staff at Alpha UMi is a sheer delight – they always give us the “white glove treatment” and respond quickly to anything from a simple question to a request to adapt the curriculum for a special project."

"The 5G Power Skills suite is a powerful set of skills, enhancing collaboration, leadership, and effective communication in a workforce full of diverse backgrounds and perspectives. We have been providing this training to engineering undergraduate students for several years now, to strengthen their soft skills and complement their technical training, which will enable them to be strong team members from day one in the workforce as they begin their careers. The same skills will be a boost to anyone in the workforce, no matter what stage of their career they are at."

"In these challenging times, life skills are just as critical or more important than job skills. Getting back to the basics of communication, empathy, gratitude and having the right mindset to deal with conflict and change are the cornerstones for students and communities to evolve through these times we are faced with now. Building on skills we have and learning new skills, we need to address personal, student and work-life success. In 5G, participants learn through active learning and hands-on activities to bring the concepts to life and apply it to each individual’s situation. These power skills will transform students and communities alike. Our clients have found 5G to apply to any situation and the feedback has been very positive."

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