Michael A. Grego, Ed.D., Superintendent, Pinellas County Schools:

“I see topics within the 5G Matrix that cover the professional needs and workforce skills business leaders identify as lacking among their employees and job candidates.”

Representative Gus M. Bilirakis, US Congress:

“It is clear that a program like yours will improve a business’ environmental culture and enable them to embrace the differences of today’s unparalleled multi-generational and diverse employee population.”

Gary, VP Business Development:

“Knowing that an individual has completed 5G Certification training will make me take note of them over non-certified individuals when I make hiring decisions.”

Kim, Colonel, USAF

… since [being introduced] to the 5G program, I am convinced this is the program that could help all who are entering the workforce, remaining in the workforce, shortly leaving the workforce, college students, high school students, transitioning service members, and Veterans who are having challenges assimilating into the private sector workforce. Shall I go on??!! Your short-term goals with your online presence are going to show dividends for the on-going effort in developing excellent curriculum packaged for targeted audiences.


KC, Engineering Manager:

“The 5G course is phenomenal.  I have recommended it to many people.  I appreciate time and energy you all have put into creating this training.  I will say, without a doubt, the majority of people in the work environment are missing the core skills outlined in your lessons.

Ujjal, Professor of Engineering:

“It trained me to look at a problem from a leadership perspective and be positive in difficult situations.